Office Staff Transfer

Employee Transfer is the process of horizontal movement of an employee, wherein there is a change in the job, without any changes or revision in the remuneration, pay, and modification of responsibilities. It is a form of internal mobility, in which the employee is shifted from one job to another usually at a different location, department, or unit.

Transfer can either be temporary or permanent depending on the decision of the organization, and it is initiated by any of the two, i.e. employer or employee. Sometimes, it also includes promotion, demotion or even no change in the status and responsibility.

Every organization has a defied criteria for the transfer of employees, and it also varies from individual to individual. The primary reasons for employee transfer are mentioned here:

  1. Some positions require distinctive skills, competency, and expertise from the transferred employees.
  2. The transfer is also affected when there is a shortage of employees in one department of the organization due to high demand, and there are surplus employees in another department. So, the workers are shifted from one department to another.
  3. It is also initiated when there are some clashes between the superior and subordinate or between two workers.